Hey, Beard Lover’s fellows welcome to Beardandbiceps, As we have already discussed Best foods for beard growth and As you may already know the Science behind the beard growth, testosterone plays a very important role in beard growth so today lets talk about the 8 foods that lower beard growth. New here? I also have the […]

The Best Beard Tips For Bearded Man New here? I also have the following blogs to help you Get the perfect beard you want: 5 common mistake people make when growing a beard 10 Reasons Why Beards Are Attractive Beard Tips | Do’s And Don’t Of Being Bearded Small Beard Styles | Hottest Stubble Beard […]

Stubbles are the hottest Small beard styles, as beards are in the trend we all want one but we can not start with a long. When the facial hair starts to grow soon, even within a couple of days after shaving, it is known as stubble beard. Not only it is tough, but also can […]

Being bearded most common problem we have is The roughness of the beard. So how To Make Your Beard Softer? how to soften beard naturally? how to soften beard stubble? I got you so, this is what we will discuss today so let’s get started, This guide will explain to you exactly how to get a soft […]

In the early 70′s, the Athletics were the pioneers in an exceedingly “hair revolution” that sweptwing the main leagues. for many years, baseball had been a clean-shaven sport. The ban on a facial hair was an associate degree unwritten rule of the sport, and plenty of groups expressly forbade their players from sporting scruff throughout […]

True beardsmen understands however necessary it’s to grow facial hairs and conjointly selecting the proper beard Styles. Going for the proper vogue depends on varied factors just like the length, face shape, beard growth and most significantly can it look sensible once titled. conjointly several different factors will have an effect on men’s bearded appear […]

Hey hello! Welcome to the Beard blog. One of the questions I get asked most often is: What am I doing wrong with beard why I am not able to grow a beard and so on.. What most people think is growing a beard is mostly just simply letting as letting it grow.. …But, there […]

JawBeard trimming is all concerning precision! whereas guys with a shorter beard or 1st timers might not quite connect with this, you need to understand that as shortly as your beard starts growing out, you may end up wanting within the mirror speculative, wherever ought to my beard end? New here? I also have the […]

Every bearded man likes thicker beard but all have one so today we will discuss How to Make your beard look thicker At first, let’s start with Beard Brush, Beard brush is an amazing tool that will help you in several ways. Some beard brush tips are it helps to detangle the beard. it helps […]

Trimming a beard neckline is something a lot of men get it wrong once it involves coming up with and trimming the define of their beard. once it involves outlining a beard people ask questions like should I shave my neck when growing a beard? well, it’s highly advisable it’s not like a must, but […]

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