Beard Grooming Guide – 7 Easy Steps To Apply Beard Balm

Beards throughout history have always been the earmark on what separates the boys from the men.

If you think about it, most iconic figures or faces to remember sported some sort of facial fur at one point or another from Jesus himself to Abraham Lincoln to Mr. T. Fast-forward to the modern day and it’s still they’re still popular in demand.

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Why are so many of today’s dudes so about growing beards? Studies have shown beards to be a sign of strength and dominance.

A full, well-groomed beard can make the weakest or shortest man feel important and noticed in a room full of heavyweights. It’s even being reported that men are spending big money on beard transplants up to $15,000 per procedure.

With that being said, most men never really consider the maintenance and grooming care necessary to sport a beard.

Or the more organic ways to grow one out. Between all the food and daily debris that gets trapped in your face shag, a cleaning is crucial so do not harm the growing process.

Did you know the average male grows up to 25,000 facial hairs every 24 hours? That’s a lot of freaking hair, which means you’ll have a lot of ground to cover.

Washing your beard won’t just help you avoid certain drawbacks such as unpleasant odors, patches, and gray hairs. It also keeps dryness and beardruff away. Remember under all that hair is skin that needs attention too.

Beard balm is for the nourishment and conditioning of the beard. But it is also used for styling. However, it is heavier than beard oil and also a bit tricky to apply evenly. The basic requirement is to get a discolored or a colorless beard balm. This means that it will look white but will not show when rubbed between your palms. Beard balm is also referred to as beard butter or wax. The wax used here is beeswax. So get one that feels hard but melts up easily when rubbed, just like butter.

A Stepwise guide on How to Apply Beard Balm in 7 easy steps.

1. Make sure your beard is completely clean and dry before you start. A prior wash is a must.

How To Wash Your Beard

  • Step 1: Choose The Right Water Temperature: When it comes to selecting the appropriate temperature of water, you need to understand the science behind the choice.

Very hot water should be avoided at all cost because it dries out hair follicles causing improper beard growth.

Stick to lukewarm water since it opens pores and enhances blood circulation, allowing the wash to be more effective.

  • Step 2: Build Up Lather: Frost up your cleanser of choice. It’s recommended to start off with a quarter size amount and add more as needed, which should be easy to determine.
  • Step 3: Massage Into Beard: Be sure not to top clean only. Use your fingertips to dig deep into all directions of the beard in a scrubbing motion.

This action cleans the skin better, leaving your face hydrated and beard follicles stimulated causing better growth.

  • Step 4: Rinse It Out: Remember to use warm water because we want to remain consistent. It’s best to just move your fingers through the beard at a steady pace. We recommend rinsing twice to ensure all soap residue is gone.

Dry Your Beard

  • Step 1: Pat Down With A Microfiber Towel: This special type of towel removes leftover dirt without damaging your hair at its most vulnerable state. It cuts drying time by 50%. but most importantly it helps you avoid any lint left behind your beard normally takes on when using a cotton towel.
  • Step 2: Blow Dry Beard Hair: It’s quick and easy. But using one at a hot temperature can destroy hair and make it brittle. When using one, keep it on a lower setting and 6-8 inches away from your face, which is more heat sensitive than your head.

2. For an application, you need to start by taking a good amount of beard balm. Unlike beard oil, you need more quantity here.  Just scoop in one finger and that would be enough. Rub your hands and the balm should melt instantly.

3. Next, you need to divide your beard into phases. The first phase will be for the long beards, the part hanging down your chin and neck. Apply in the downward motion from front and back. Then use your fingers to comb for full coverage. While you are at it, try to style and shape up your beard as per requirement. Men often roll and twist the ends for a pointy beard but if you have a scruff you can just try to narrow it in as much as possible.

4. Now you need another finger of the balm for your facial hair. Here you aim is to ensure the beard stays in and you do not have any lose hairs sticking out. Also if you have an inflated beard due to sleep or just wish to control it, push your beard in by making it sleek against your chin area.

5. Don’t forget the sideburns.

6. Comb upwards first for even coverage and then downwards again to set it in. You can then use your hands to style it up a bit or just bring it in control as per your requirement.

7. It is important to understand that beard balm is for a matte effect and does not give you a shiny look like beard oil. You need to scoop just as much as required in proportion to the beard or you may dilute it into few drops of beard oil. Some people also recommend water however not all balms go well with water. Make sure you read all instructions well before adding few drops of water.

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