50 Short Hair With Beard Styles For Men 

It’s not just about the beard. If you don’t have the right hairstyle to go with that chin goodness, then you can kiss your dating life goodbye. In this kind of situation, it’s best to go with something on the shorter style to complement the beard without overshadowing it.

If you have a longer beard, sometimes it’s a good idea to shave your head, or at least keep the hair short.

It worked for Shel Silverstein, and it can work for you too. But maybe you’re not willing to commit to something quite so short. That’s totally understandable.

In this situation, you can go for something close-cropped like what you might see Ryan Gosling sporting. You can even go the Robert Downey, Jr. route and have a little more length, but that will largely depend on your face shape as well as the length of your beard.

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Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to rack up the lady encounters once you’ve got a good beard/hair combo going. Be willing to experiment, be open to things you’d never try before, and go crazy with it. If you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, you will be well on your way toward securing the lady of your dreams.

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