In the early 70′s, the Athletics were the pioneers in an exceedingly “hair revolution” that sweptwing the main leagues. for many years, baseball had been a clean-shaven sport. The ban on a facial hair was an associate degree unwritten rule of the sport, and plenty of groups expressly forbade their players from sporting scruff throughout the season.

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Then in the future in 1971, Reggie Jackson came across Athletics preseason with an impressive bar.

Charles Finley, the team’s owner, was shocked. His team already had a renegade name — sporting bright green-and-gold uniforms once most groups still opted for the conservative white or grey. however this was a step too so much. Finley patterned Jackson was sporting the ‘stache for attention, and set to use some reverse science. He quickly inspired alternative players to grow their own facial hair in an effort to steal Jackson’s spotlight. He assumed that Jackson would abandon the planning if he not stood out.

As coaching progressed, though, Finley grew to love the New Look — and therefore the substance that came with it. Soon, he offered a $300 bonus to each player willing to grow a ‘stache by gap day — and therefore the whole team followed suit. because the season got current, the Athletics were thought-about the peak of facial fashion, and therefore the “Mustache Gang” compete with a new vigor. after they created it to the 1972 World Series against the metropolis Reds, the confrontation was dubbed “hairs vs. squares.” The hairs (and the players sporting them) went on to win the title — and 2 additional then. for a few players, the facial hair became the way of life: Rollie Fingers unbroken his for the remainder of his career, and revised his contract to incorporate a $100 yearly regular payment for moustache wax.

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