Although we can not deny the fact that the functional properties of both the oils are similar – Both are prepared to Nourish, Condition, and deeply moisturize your hair roots and skin. But it is important to keep in mind that both our scalp and face skin are different from each other and so is our facial hair and scalp hair.

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The thickness, strength, and care needed to maintain either of these variables to a good extent. Let’s see how it makes such a huge difference despite being in the same category of oils

Difference between Scalp Skin and Facial skin –

  1. The scalp skin is significantly thicker than the facial skin.
  2. The scalp has more sebaceous glands – i.e. it tends to sweat more than our cheek and chin skin
  3. The scalp is also more prone to become dirty than your face whereas face is vulnerable to acne breakouts, become too oily or dry or get rashes if not maintained well.



Why shouldn’t you be using any hair oil on your beard?

The scalp skin being tougher than the face skin we need something that is considerably lighter in texture yet deeply nourishing. It should help in getting balanced growth, darker, shinier and healthy hair. It is vital that one chooses the best oil based on their skin type – oily, dry, balanced, sensitive, acne ridden etc.

  1. Oily skin beard requires oils that should be fast absorbing and does not make the skin too damp of its heavy viscosity.
  2. In contrast to the above – For dry skin beard, a high viscosity thick oil should be used that does not get evaporated from the surface of the skin easily and helps retain the moisture.
  3. For bearded people who are facing acne/pimple should consult a dermatologist, because even the acne can be of a different kind, and one type of oil may/may not suit the other person.

The above things can be even further modified based on climatic conditions of the place you are residing in. For exampleif you have dry skin but you stay in a humid place then taking any moderately thick beard oil will also keep your beard conditioned.


Still, If you happen to apply hair oil on your beard? (Except for coconut oil- that’s like God of all oils that you can apply alternately & absolutely anytime!!)

  1. Hair oils are prepared to keep in mind tougher scalp, so you might end up having a super oily face.
  2. In most of the Hair oils (Not the organic concentrated ones) The star ingredients are in stronger proportion whereas in beard oil you will find base oils in heavier proportion. For detailed info on Beard growth oil suited for all former three skin types you may read my article here, it contains a detailed composition of an Ideal Beard Growth Oil 
  3. Hair oils have a stronger fragrance to last for a longer duration, you would definitely not want to wear something so strong close to your nose for the entire day!!
  4. Hair oils will also attract comparatively more dust and dirt on your face. Which is a big NO NO and like a Dine-Wine treat for Acne breakouts (oily skin) & Beardruff (dry skin)!
  5. Hair oils are also supposed to be heated up a little bit before applying for better absorption in the skin, whereas beard oils need no such prior recipes before application.
  6. Hair oils might not be that effective on a patchy beard, but beard oils can definitely help you fill out the gaps.


If I were to recommend a Beard Growth Oil? (Not talking here about just a beard oil – this is used mostly for styling and to keep a beard managed and well behaved)

My Answer to this: In the market, there are many such oils present but not all of them use genuine coconut oil as a base, and many chemicals are added that are not good for your skin in the long run. One of the best growth oil reviews that I have received from my Bearded guy friends is from Bombay Shaving Company Beard Growth Oil.

The proportion of ingredients is well thought of to suit most of the skin types out there. The best part is there is Vetiver (Khus) oil – that is considered to have really good properties for accelerated Hair growth. One can be ensured to see the results after applying it in the night time following a proper regime.

In fact, for that matter, any other brand that contains similar proportion and a mix of five oils (Jojoba, Vetiver, Brahmi, Amla & Sesame) can be blindly trusted. 

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