Ok So you stopped shaving as the love of beard increased but as soon some time goes the problem begins, well let’s take my example I started growing beard and it was awesome i was doing as much care as I can without any extra efforts like getting beard oil & beard balm or even beard comb, I was using regular hair oil regular comb and this results in  something I regret

Well as I started using these regular tools the beard was growing no problem in that as a play of gene my beard is quite thick so the problem started was itching and believe me or not it just starts to play with your mind

You started to get all the reasons why not to have a beard and feels maybe its not something for you so I learned it the hard but you don’t have to today not only I will share what to use & also why to use so let’s begin

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Well as the day starts before thinking about the beard first you have to think about the place where it grows the skin

So grab some facewash according to your needs as people have different skin types I personally have oily skin so I used kind of oil cleaner facewash, The main purpose for this is to clean the skin and make it good to grow

Then Get a beard shampoo while it may seem like it’s for all the big bearded people but as soon as your beard gets some growth depending on your beard as some people have thicker and other don’t people with a thick beard or fuller face need to start shampoo faster than the one with little hairs not that fuller

You can read more about Quick science about beard growth to understand why you have a little fuller beard

After shampoo, you can go for conditioner

Why do facewash and shampoo for the beard?

As you will wash your face it will help follicles to promote hair growth and also getting rid of all the dust accumulated through the environment

A common cause of beard pain and itchiness is a build-up of oil and debris. This build-up occurs for a few different reasons. If you’re using a regular hair shampoo in your beard, over time you will have a build-up of not only oil and debris but silicones that are commonly used in regular shampoos. In order to properly cleanse your face of this build-up without stripping it of its natural protective oils, you need a good beard shampoo.

Beard shampoo scrubs away beard build-up, dirt, oil and other impurities, leaving your beard feeling clean and fresh.

Why use a conditioner for beard growth?

Let me tell you three reasons why you need to use a conditioner;

  • Conditioner helps from shedding if you don’t shed your beard looks a whole lot fuller
  • It promotes beard growth as it stimulates follicles and stimulates blood flow.
  • More you use conditioner more you provide ingredients it needs, it also moisturizes your beard

Bonus Tip: On days that you do not shampoo, make sure you rinse it well, making water your third stylist. Once it is clean, still wet, comb it downwards using a narrow or wide-toothed comb. This will get rid of any unwanted knots especially in case of a fuller beard. You can also use a beard brush or both.

Now is the time when your face is clean beard is clean now apply beard oil. It not only nourishes your beard but also smells really good. Just a few drops and you are good to go. Also, it is really relaxing for the face to apply beard oil. You may warm it up a little by keeping it on your window sill, under the sun.

As its done, you are smelling very good and beard is moisturized now comb it depending on your beard size now you need to apply beard balm This is the final step in beard grooming and will help you bring together the whole look. You also have beard trimmers, razor, shaving foam, aftershave etc.

When should I Start to use beard balm?

So for you need to understand the why Which is

The balm is similar in texture to a natural lip balm or light hair wax, which when heated up in your hands turns into an oily smooth paste. The oils in both products are used to help treat beard itch and the flaky skin underneath your beard, along with working as deep conditioning agents.

Now one question which arises is…

What is the difference between Beard oil and balm?

The stuff is like thick butter and it is just as healthy for you as beard oil. So, you get the best of both worlds. In a sense, it’s a beard oil with the addition of wax and butter. The wax, which is usually beeswax, is used to keep the balm in a solid state and also, to give your beard a bit of hold.

So In short beard balm is needed to set your beard when you think now my beard is long enough to move here and there and I need to set it then use beard balm, until then beard oil is enough

Conclusion :

In Short, you need

  1. FaceWash
  2. Beard SHampoo
  3. Beard Conditioner
  4. Beard Oil
  5. Beard Balm
  6. Trimmer (i don’t explain it because of its kind of self-explanatory)
  7. After Shave

The most important thing which you need to understand is why because that will help you take better decisions compared to just use this use this

Well thanks a lot for reading this far you really have a great attention span well you need to be rewarded

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So if you have any query you can ask in comments I will reply soon and also if you like it make sure to share it

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