Trimming a beard neckline is something a lot of men get it wrong once it involves coming up with and trimming the define of their beard. once it involves outlining a beard

people ask questions like should I shave my neck when growing a beard?

well, it’s highly advisable it’s not like a must, but Trimming a beard neckline helps to get a perfect fresh look.

the secret’s to avoid the error of trimming the neck too high on the neck and getting into the jawline and face region. this can be a classic beard gaff that winds up creating it seem like your beard contracted within the drier and is currently entirely too little for your face.

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Why a neckline

You don’t need a neckline. you’ll need to grow your beard naturally as a result of in some cases this appearance higher and it’s plenty easier to keep up. for many folks but, neck hair is uncomfortable and appearance savage. Also, nobody needs their facial hair to attach to their chest hair unless you’re reworking into a mythical monster. however, even werewolves have some standards.

so, Trimming a beard neckline make sure you get the perfect awesome beard which you wanted it makes it less messy and give a very clean look which looks dope

A neck merely outlines all low portion of the beard, that varies from man to man. Of course, this can be on condition that your aim to grow the classic full beard or short box beard, alternatives other facial hair designs play by totally different rules.

So, How does Trimming a beard neckline happens?

I have basically curated 3 methods choose one and go with it I personally use 1 and 2 both you will know why when you read it

Method 1

Trimming a beard neckline is truly a lot of easy than it looks, therefore I’ll try and not over complicate things. It’s best to face before of a three-party mirror if you’ve got it, or use a secondary hand-held mirror to look at all angles of your face. keep in mind to face up straight and keep your raise once finding the road so shaving.


First, imagine a rather recurved line that goes from right behind your earlobes and travels below the jawline. It ought to stop at the angle wherever your neck meets the undersurface of your jaw below your chin. the road is terribly on the point of the highest of your Adam’s apple (green line within the picture). That’s your neck. in a different way to envision it’s to tilt your chin down and a natural crease can reveal itself wherever the undersurface of your chin meets the highest of your neck.

Next, imagine 2 vertical lines on either facet of your face that runs perpendicular to the primary one and follows the periphery of your sideburns down toward the neck (red line within the picture). This creates the corners of your neck right below the ends of your jawline below your ears. spherical these corners off to make a lot of natural looks instead of an ideal box.

Shave off everything below the neck and you’re done. Congratulations, you’re currently the proud owner of a dignified and manly beard.

Method 2: DOUBLE CHIN methodology

Really easy. Tilt your chin down toward your neck. Embrace the buccula. The buccula line has truly created a natural fold wherever it meets the neck that just about runs the whole length of your jaw. It’s aiming to be just like the yellow line within the original image on top of. Shave off all the hair below that neck. this can be extremely the strategy i exploit to examine at the top if I whiskerless my neck well. I extremely advocate it.

Method 3: TWO FINGERS methodology

This is a lot of manly than the buccula methodology as a result of it’s conjointly the manner you ought to order your booze. l bet it is a lot of inaccurate than the opposite ways as a result of everyone’s fingers very broad as to do their necks. Stack your middle and index fingers right on top of your Adam’s apple. Right on top of that ought to be your neck. Not my favorite mensuration methodology as a result of on behalf of me it’s one finger, for others it may be 3 fingers. It’s all regarding the breadth of every person’s fingers and wherever their Adam’s apple rests.

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